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the main menu for our cocktails

Tequila Mockingbird

tequila, fresh watermelon, lime juice, basil leaves


Daiquiri (served frozen or straight up)

rum, passion fruit/ strawberry/ raspberry puree and lime juice


Amaretto Sour

Disarono, lemon juice, sugar syrup


GR Espresso Martini

Tsipouro, mastic liquer, espresso and salted caramel syrup


Rasperry Margarita

Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, fresh raspberries


Pink Gin Daiquiri (served frozen or straight up)

Pink gin, lime juice, sugar syrup


Mojito (regular/raspberry/strawberry/watermelon)

Rum, fruit of choice, fresh mintm sugar syrup


Pornstar Martini

Vodka, passoa, passionfruit, pineapple juice, shot of prosecco



The ones you know and love

Old fashioned




French Martini


Whiskey sour


Tequila sunrise


Sex on the beach


Long island ice tea



cocktails- but funsized

The wee mockingbird



Baby Guiness

Tia Maria, Baileys


Cretan Summer

Vodka, Midoori


French Kiss

Chambord, Baileys


One to Go

Tia Maria, Baileys, double cream


The shy one

Tequila Rose


In and out

Vodka, schnaps, orange juice



all of the fun, none of the alcohol


Fresh watermelon, lime juice, basil leaves


Daiquiri (frozen or straight up)

Passion fruit or raspberry or strawberry puree and lime juice


Mojito (no alcohol)

classic or raspberry or strawberry or watermelon, fresh mint and sugar syrup


Tequila Sunrise (no alcohol)

orange juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup, grenadine


Fruit Shoot (shot glass)

Orange juice or pineapple juice with a dash of grenadine, for our little friends


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